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ท่าเต้นของม็อก [Mog]

We all know and love Mog, even though he pretty much sucks. He's not very strong, mediocre when it comes to magic, but he's just so darn cute! His dances are pretty uesless, cause you can only use a certain type of dance on each terrain. Rarely, you can use a different terrain dance where it shouldn't be used, but it doesn't work too often. Anyways, pictures will come later, if they ever do. On my emu file, I almost never used Mog, so I missed some of his dances. Anyways, pictures would just make this page too damn long to load. Well to contradict myself (Zeppelin's self) pictures have been added thanks to popular demand (my demand).

Wind Song (Plains)

Dance Effect Picture
Wind Slash Wind attack that blasts enemies
Sun Bath Refills party's HP
Plasma Powerful lightning attack on one enemy
Cockatrice Cockatrice damages enemy

Forest Suite (Forest)

Dance Effect Picture
Rage Wind attack that blasts enemies
Harvester Recovers' party's status
Elf Fire Powerful fire attack on one enemy
Wombat Physical attack on enemies

Desert Aria (Desert)

Dance Effect Picture
Sand Storm Wind attack that blasts enemies
Wind Slash Wind attack that blasts enemies
Antlion Similar to Snare (excactly the same) removes one ground enemy from combat
Kitty Casts haste on the party

Love Sonata (Town)

Dance Effect Picture
Elf Fire Powerful fire attack on one enemy
Snare Removes one ground creature from combat
Specter Confuses enemies
Tapir Recovers party's status

Earth Blues (Mountain)

Dance Effect Picture
Land Slide Powerful earth attack on one enemy
Sun Bath Recovers party's HP
Sonic Boom Halves one enemies HP
Whump Physical attack on one enemy

Water Rondo (Water)

Dance Effect Picture
El Ni�o Water attack on all enemies


Specter Confuses enemies
Plasma Strong lightning attack on one enemy
Wild Bear Recovers party's HP

Dusk Requiem (Cave)

Dance Effect Picture
Cave in Halves one enemy's HP
Elf Fire Powerful fire attack on one enemy
Snare Removes target ground creature from combat
Pois. Frog Poison attack on one enemy

Snowmann Jazz (Snow)

Dance Effect Picture
Snowball Halves one enemy's HP
Snare Removes target ground creature from battle
Surge Ice attack on all enemies
Ice Rabbit Recovers party's HP





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